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What it is all about

For many churches the days of the hymn book are long gone, even if there was a hymn book that contained all the different published songs. The day of Holy Spirit led Praise and Worship is here. This has led to predictable but avoidable problems. How many times have the congregation stood mutely staring at a blank overhead and had to be content with an odd line of the chorus that they have memorised? How often have they watched with empathy and amusement as the overhead team scramble grantically to try to locate that desired song only to have the last verse displayed upside down? In higher tech churches how off putting has it been to watch computer searches?

Now there is an affordable new software product which can avoid these and other problems. Not only can software act as an aid to the Praise and Worship session, sermon notes and presentation of notices, but also generate several advantages. These inlcude a congregation looking upwards and not down at their song books, and the benfit for church members to be free from holding anything in their hands.


A Quote...

Pastor Greg Stinogel, Minister of Music, Milford Assembly of God:

"...about two years ago our church was making a transition from overhead (slides) to computer generated graphics. At that time I was unable to find a program that would let me do what I needed to do during our worship services. I wanted to find something for or with the IBM format. We are a full gospel church and are experiencing a powerful move of God. I needed a program that would allow me the flexibility to move off of my programmed list of songs for the service. This program was written for that purpose. Not only does it allow me to go off my list, I am able to change the background to virtually anything I want. The text colour can be changed very easily and can also be highlighted, which causes the text to be extremely readable. The program is very user friendly..."

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[Presentation Manager screenshot]

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